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Many of us relate to the feeling that when they handed out the Guidebook For Life, we must have been in the bathroom. It seems we missed the talking points about how this crazy place is run. Some days it’s the wild, wild West, a lawless land with lots of anarchy and apparently no fences. Other days, it’s blue skies and songbirds, and we sense—or at least hope—there might be some logic to it. We tend to marvel equally over the complexity and the simplicity, at the genius as well as the ginormous screw-ups.

Come to find out, there are an infinite number of laws that govern everything that happens. This book makes no claim to be comprehensive in covering them all. But if we’re willing to take in this sampling, we’ll start to get a sense that there’s a method. That someone, or something, is behind life, pounding out a plan.

Just what are the laws that rule this precious land? And more importantly, how can we learn to get along with them? Well, first up, we need to start to tune into them; then we can figure out our next move. So gather round and listen up. Because the hammer is about to drop.

—Jill Loree

Spiritual Laws: Hard & Fast Logic for Forging Ahead is a summary of the Guide’s teachings mentioned throughout the Pathwork lectures regarding spiritual laws. Free for a limited time: Get the eBook or download the PDF.

Spiritual Laws*

Law of Brotherhood | “To be able to open your heart to another brings spiritual help that you could not receive by yourself.”
– Pathwork Lecture #26

Law of Cause and Effect | “Every act has its consequences.”
– Pathwork Lecture #245

Law of Justice | “Love your brother as yourself.”
– Pathwork Lecture #30

Law of Karma (Law of Cause and Effect over many Lifetimes) | “Every entity is always given a chance to solve his problems, conflicts and disharmonies in the easiest circumstances possible.”
– Pathwork Lecture #38

Law of Living in Truth | “To face life’s reality means to face yourself as you are, with all your imperfections. Embrace life whole-heartedly, without fear, without self-pity or being afraid of being hurt. Say to yourself, ‘In order to become what I would like to be, I must first, without fear of shame or vanity, face what is in me.’ ”
– Pathwork Lecture #25

Law of Paying the Price | “There is a price to be paid for everything. He who tries to avoid this will finally pay much dearer.”
– Pathwork Lecture #25

Law of Self-Responsibility | “You create your own reality.”
– Pathwork Lecture #40

Spiritual Concepts*

Concept of Abundance | “We possess all the powers, faculties and resources to create and bring about what we wish for. It is only our misconceptions and fear of happiness which prevent us from having it.”
– Pathwork Lecture #157

Concept of Awareness | “You cannot purify—eliminate a problem—if you don’t first become aware of it.”
– Pathwork Lecture #41

Concept of Free Will | “Every individual has complete free will. God has created perfect laws and perfect conditions that his children have the opportunity to follow freely or not.”
– Pathwork Lecture #18

Concept of Growth | “The only thing that gives meaning to life is to continuously grow.”
– Pathwork Lecture #89

Concept of Harmony | “A human being living in complete and utter harmony with the life force would not die. Wherever the life force has not been violated, happiness, complete harmony and peace would be yours.”
– Pathwork Lecture #48

Concept of Sacrifice | “You have to give up what you want to gain.”
– Pathwork Lecture #17

Concept of Self-Acceptance | “You do not have to be perfect in order to respect yourself. All you have to do is to have a realistic attitude about your imperfections and to adopt a constructive attitude about them.”
– Pathwork Lecture #31

*This list of Spiritual Laws and Spiritual Concepts was compiled by Matthew Connors, Kirtee Faye, Michael Morgan, Mef Ford and Peter Sampson, and is included in Spilling the Script: A Concise Guide to Self-Knowing by Jill Loree.

In addition, Eva Pierrakos created her own summary of spiritual laws, available from the Pathwork Foundation as Lecture #171 Spiritual Laws. Many of the laws discussed in Lecture #171 are included in this book, Spiritual Laws (download PDF for free, for a limited time, or get the ebook below).

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