A Memoir about How I Made a Road

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Jill Loree grew up in a singing Lutheran family that looked pretty good on the outside. But inside, issues with alcohol, control and neglect would blot out the truth of who she was. Until one day, she discovered her own spiritual path and started finding a better way.

Her journey would walk her through the healing waters of forgiveness, acceptance and redemption. Her spiritual path would lead her to create a whole new life.

What she learned along the way was that she needed to let go: of old hurts, of expectations, and ultimately, of limitations.

This is the story of her life. Sharing it, wrapped gently in humor, is her gift.


From Proverbs and Tiny Songs

  You walking, your footsteps are

the road, and nothing else;

there is no road, walker,

you make the road by walking.

By walking you make the road,

and when you look backward,

you see the path that you

never will step on again.

Walker, there is no road,

Only wind-trails in the sea.

– By Antonio Machado (1875–1939), translated by Robert Bly


WALKER: A Memoir about How I Made a Road

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1968–1971 (Kindergarten to age 7)

Jill Loree Baby Picture

Kindergarten Report Card (1968)

Pete, Jeff, Jill (1967)

Pete, Jeff, Jill: Hairdryer

Pete, Jeff, Jill: With Camper

Pete, Jeff, Jill: Snowballs

Pete, Jeff, Jill: First Day of Kindergarten for Jill

Jill and Mom at Christmas (1970)

Family Dinner (1967)

Thompson Family (1967)

Jill (1967)

Jill’s Letter to Santa (circa 1968)


Newspaper Clipping: Butterchords

Butterchords: Daddy Sang Bass (Music)

Butterchords: Preacher and the Bear (Music)

Butterchords: Just Looking (Music)


1971 (Third Grade, age 8)

Third Grade Class Photo (Me, bottom right)


1972 (Fourth Grade, age 9)

Postcard from Janet


1973 (Fifth Grade, age 10)

Jill First Day of School

Jill (Wearing clothes she sewed herself, including hat)

Pete, Jeff, Jill


1974 (Sixth Grade, age 11)

Guitar Clinic

Happy Mothers Day Card to my Mom


1975 (Seventh Grade, age 12)

Parents in Front of House with Garden

Hardscrabble Chalet

Three Willard P. Huggins Poems


1976 (Eighth Grade, age 13)

Confirmation (1976)

Yearend Report Card


Newspaper Clipping: Math of Pollution Competition

Cast Picture: Bye Bye Birdie

Mom, Brother: Perm


1977 (Freshman, age 14)

Newspaper Clipping: Student Council

Basketball Team

Deficiency Notice

Cast Picture: Oklahoma

Dr.Pepper Letter


1978 (Sophomore, age 15)

Theater: Jill, Stacy, Melinda, Gretchen


Cast Picture: Brigadoon

Newspaper Clipping: Brother Goose (Theater)


1979 (Junior, age 16)

Newspaper Clipping: The Butler Did It (Theater)

Cast Picture: Fiddler on the Roof

Prom with Steve

Jill (age 16): The Way We Were (Music)


Jill (age 16): My Favorite Things (Music)


Jeff (age 19): I Got Plenty of Nothin’ (Music)


Pete (age 18): Old Man River (Music)


Thompson Family (1979): Irish Blessing (Music)


1980 (Senior, age 17)

Newspaper Clipping: 1984 (Theater)

Newspaper Clipping: Fortnightly Guest

Warriorettes in Jazz Outfits

Cast Picture: Hello Dolly!

Jill as Dolly in Hello Dolly!

Jill and Dad at Renaissance Dinner

Jill and Jeff at Renaissance Dinner

Leinenkugel’s Letter

Prom with Jonas


1981 (UW-EC Freshman, age 18)

UW-EC Pom-Pom Squad: After basketball game

UW-EC Pom-Pom Squad: At football game

UW-EC Pom-Pom Squad: At practice

UW-EC Pom-Pom Girl

Newspaper Clipping: Pom-Pom Squad Light Show

Newspaper Clipping: Pom-Pom Squad at Basketball Game

Tim with Jill as Flying Nun

UW-EC College Graduation

UW-EC College Transcripts



Jill with Brophy and CJ



Name Change: Campbell to Hudson



Jill and Rick

Jill and Rick at Wedding



Jimmy Carter Letter

Jimmy Carter Photo One

Jimmy Carter Photo Two



Sarah at Emu Farm



Charlie & Jackson’s First Day of School (2000)

Mom is a Dreamer by Jackson (circa 2003)

Mother’s Day Card from Jackson (2013)



Jesus Tree at Sunrise (Oct 2015)

Richmond Master Hikers with rare Ice Circle (2015)

Chetek Street Sign

Jill and Scott Wisler (2018)