Nutshells is a “short and sweet” version of three books from the Real. Clear. collection of spiritual teachings: BONES, GEMS & PEARLS. In this pared down offering, Jill Loree has carved out meaningful sentences and memorable sound bites, and woven them together to create a new creation that largely resembles the original form.

As such, Nutshells provides a daily dose of inspiration and insights tapped from one of the greatest sources of wisdom and truth. Like the acorn that contains the potential for the oak tree, these tidbits hold the power to change our whole perspective on life.

BONES: A Building-Block Collection of 19 Fundamental Spiritual Teachings

Read selected Nutshells for Bones Online

GEMS: A Multifaceted Collection of 16 Clear Spiritual Teachings

Read selected Nutshells for Gems Online

PEARLS: A Mind-Opening Collection of 17 Fresh Spiritual Teachings

Read selected Nutshells for Pearls Online


Comments from Nutshells posted on Facebook:

This is the best thing I’ve read in years…. —Lesley F.

Wow…profound on many different levels! —Leslie B.

This is AMAZING… i gotta follow you for future insights and wisdom.. this is my answer that I’ve been seeking for years.. and you explained it PERFECTLY ♡♡♡:) —Antonio R.

Love the message thanks for sharing. It helped me today!!!! Love —Mary P.

Thank you!!! Every post and entry makes me think of things I have never thought of about myself! You are speaking on a new level! Love love love —Wendy I.

Excellent Jill Loree! It all makes so much sense when you put it into words. Thank you! —Peggy K.

Good read. That sheds light on some things for sure! —Suzanne N.


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NUTSHELLS: Short and Sweet Spiritual Insights (Snippets from BONES, GEMS & PEARLS)

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