Nutshells is a “short and sweet” version of three books from the Real. Clear. collection of spiritual teachings: BONES, GEMS & PEARLS. In this pared down offering, Jill Loree has carved out meaningful sentences and memorable sound bites, and woven them together to create a new creation that largely resembles the original form.

As such, these 52 Nutshells provide a weekly dose of inspiration and insights tapped from one of the greatest sources of wisdom and truth: the Pathwork Guide. Like the acorn that contains the potential for the oak tree, these tidbits hold the power to change our whole perspective on life.

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fate caused by forces of our unconscious

BONES*: A Building-Block Collection of 19 Fundamental Spiritual Teachings

(Read Bones Chapter Overviews)

Chapter One | Emotional Growth and Its Function

Chapter Two | The Importance of Feeling All Our Feelings, Including Fear

Chapter Three | The Higher Self, the Lower Self, and the Mask Self

Chapter Four | Three Basic Personality Types: Reason, Will and Emotion

Chapter Five | Intellect and Will as Tools or Hindrances to Self-Realization

Chapter Six | The Origin and Outcome of the Idealized Self-Image

Chapter Seven | Love, Power and Serenity in Divinity or in Distortion

Chapter Eight | How and Why we Recreate Childhood Hurts

Chapter Nine | Images and the Deep, Deep Damage They Do

Chapter Ten | Unpacking the Pain of our Old Destructive Patterns

Chapter Eleven | Our Habit of Transferring our Split onto Everyone

Chapter Twelve | Finding Out the Truth about Ourselves, Including Our Faults

Chapter Thirteen | The Ubiquitous Faults of Self-Will, Pride and Fear

Chapter Fourteen | Exposing the Mistaken Image We have About God

Chapter Fifteen | Learning to Speak the Language of the Unconscious

Chapter Sixteen | How Pleasure Gets Twisted into Self-Perpetuating Cycles of Pain

Chapter Seventeen | Overcoming our Negative Intention by Identifying with our Spiritual Self

Chapter Eighteen | How to Use Meditation to Create a Better Life

Chapter Nineteen | The Giant Misunderstanding About Freedom and Self-Responsibility


GEMS*: A Multifaceted Collection of 16 Clear Spiritual Teachings

(Read Gems Chapter Overviews)

Chapter One | Expanding Our Awareness and Exploring Our Fascination with Creation

Chapter Two | The Evolutionary Process and Why We Can’t Stop It

Chapter Three | How Consciousness Evolves Between Individuals and Groups

Chapter Four | Claiming our Total Capacity for Greatness

Chapter Five | Facing our Deepest Fear and Unfolding our Greatest Longing

Chapter Six | Finding Balance Within Instead of Banking on Outer Rules

Chapter Seven | Rolling with Change and Overcoming Fear of Death

Chapter Eight | The Pain of Injustice and the Truth About Fairness

Chapter Nine | Why Lazy is the Worst Way to Be

Chapter Ten | Spotting the Tricks of our Ego and Getting Over Ourselves

Chapter Eleven | Four Avenues for Reaching the Cosmic Nougat at our Core

Chapter Twelve | Four Pragmatic Steps for Finding Faith and Addressing Doubt

Chapter Thirteen | Landing our Desires by Letting Go of our Demands

Chapter Fourteen | How to Visualize Living in a State of Unity

Chapter Fifteen | Surrendering to the Double-Sided Nature of Duality

Chapter Sixteen | Relaxing into the Struggle to Find the Oneness


PEARLS*: A Mind-Opening Collection of 17 Fresh Spiritual Teachings

(Read Pearls Chapter Overviews)

Chapter One | Privacy & Secrecy: A Boost or Bust for Finding Closeness

Chapter Two | Reading Between the Lines of the Lord’s Prayer

Chapter Three | Exploring the Spiritual Nature of Political Systems

Chapter Four | Debunking the Curious Superstition of Pessimism

Chapter Five | Preparing for Reincarnation: Every Life Counts

Chapter Six | Unwinding Humanity’s Relationship with Time

Chapter Seven | Basking in Grace & Not Building on Deficit

Chapter Eight | Articulating the Power of the Word

Chapter Nine | Why Flubbing on Perfection is the Way to Find Joy

Chapter Ten | Two Rebellious Reactions to Authority

Chapter Eleven | Bringing Ourselves to Order, Inside and Out

Chapter Twelve | The Right and Wrong Way to Think Positively

Chapter Thirteen | Uncloaking the Three Faces of Evil: Separation, Materialism and Confusion

Chapter Fourteen | Meditating to Connect Three Voices: The Ego, the Lower Self & the Higher Self

Chapter Fifteen | What’s the Real Spiritual Meaning of Crisis?

Chapter Sixteen | Mastering the Art of Stepping into Leadership

Chapter Seventeen | Discovering the Key to Letting Go & Letting God


*The order for reading these teachings is flexible. Follow your intuition and go where you feel called. If you get stuck on a teaching, move on. Sticking points may indicate something important to explore more deeply, but don’t let a speed bump derail you.


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