HOLY MOLY | Book One

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The Story of Duality, Darkness and a Daring Rescue

We may be on board with the reality that we live in a land of opposites, where everything splits into either/or: it’s either night or day, black or white, right or wrong, good or bad. But still, many of us would like to know why it has to be this way. Better yet, is there any way around this?

Turns out, there is, but it’s going to require we become willing to worm our way through the rough terrain of duality. For the only way out is by going through the darkness and then emerging fully into the light of Oneness. To do this, it can help if we understand the nature of duality, including how it came into existence.

In Holy Moly, we discover the story of how all this began, and how the one who came to save us gave us this precious gift of light. Further, we’ll come to see how, by holding this truth gently in our being, we can learn to illuminate the darkness that pervades our world.

For all who seek the Oneness, this story is for you.


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Part I: The Way of Things

The Good Lord Willing

Ushering in Christ

Must We?


Part II: The Path of Opposites

Submitting & Rebelling Christians

Grappling With Duality

Facing Death & Finding Life


Part III: The Story of It All

God & Creation

Fall of the Angels

Plan of Salvation

War of the Worlds


Part IV: The Work of a Life

The Good Fight

A True Trinity


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Holy Moly in Portuguese:

RESSUSCITANDO O CRISTO NA PRÁTICA DO CAMINHO: A História da Dualidade, da Escuridão e da Ousada Salvação

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